Common Reasons People Fall Into Procrastination

Never Say Later Why People Fall Into Procrastination

There can be several reasons why people procrastinate. Some people procrastinate without realizing they are already doing so, while others are well aware yet do not take any course of action to stop it. We’re going to show you some of the common reasons why people procrastinate rather than doing tasks and getting them completed.

Immense Fear Of Failure

There are individuals that treat failure as a stepping stone towards learning and ultimately success in life. Others, on the other hand have a different viewpoint on failure. It seems that failure has a devastating effect on most people, making them fall through the cracks and causing them to procrastinate instead. For a procrastinator, failure brings about lowered self-esteem and results in procrastination. Although not all failures breed an unlikely future, once procrastinators fail to meet their goals in an attempt to succeed, they fall even deeper into procrastination ridding themselves of optimism and hope.

The Horrors Of Success

Yes, you read it right. The horror of success. Unlike normal thinking individuals, certain procrastinators have fear of both failure and success. To these people success only brings even more pressure. So much pressure that the next time they do something they tend to think that it takes too much of them and they fear that they may not make the cut anymore.


You can often see people that are not persuaded by any sort of negotiation even when the terms are already greatly in their favor. These rebellious procrastinators are common in society. They deliberately delay tasks, impede protocol, defy standards, and falter expectations. Rebellious procrastination can be done by anyone, especially if they are feel they are oppressed in some way and that the odds are against them.

The reason for procrastination varies for every individual. The exact reason for each person might not be directly pointed out, as some of those reasons have underlying causes that could have rooted deeper than an average procrastinator. On the other hand, the reasons stated above are among the most commonly seen reasons of why people procrastinate. Avoiding this kind of behavior is never an easy task. It often involves an overhaul of personal behavior and outlook in life. In case you find yourself procrastinating or chronically doing so, evaluate yourself, and possibly seek help of a professional. This problem is not to be taken lightly as it may cost you your whole career and rob you of the life that you could have had.


Never Say Later

Facebook Marketing: 7 Steps to S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

Facebook Marketing Excellence

Facebook Marketing: 7 Steps to S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

When dealing with a fast paced environment such as the social media, not all businesses fare well. Some may enjoy an exceptionally high growth at first, and end up plateauing at a later date. How do you succeed in Facebook marketing? Read on to find out the recipe towards S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

Sponsored stories

When it comes to Facebook marketing, a lot of people tend to give high regard to their friends’ recommendations. This means that you should invest more in sponsored stories, where the ad appears with a corresponding story. For instance, when promoting an event, a sponsored story would say, “Friend 1 and 10 others are going.” This would spark credibility in the eyes of the user.


If there’s something that is very essential in social media marketing, it’s the constant updates. Fresher contents would make your audience engage more, and will ignite frequent visits to your page. Keeping up with the recent trends is also a must to survive in the online world. Hence, you should always make sure to include updated posts on your page.


To further entice your audience on your posts, you can use a cliff hanger statement as your headline to spark curiosity. The posts will act like bait that will lead your customers to the desired page. You can also include interesting thumbnail images that will convey a message without giving out the entire story.


Facebook marketing is all about competition, and to get ahead, you must know your equivalents. You can use the watch page feature of Facebook to consistently watch over certain pages. You can use this to learn more about customer feedback on which works and which does not.


The key to a healthy and fruitful Facebook page is to engage your customers well on your posts. By engaging them, this means that your page must be conducive to activities, and involves a lot of audience participation. You can add questions, or even start some promos to further invite more people to like your page. Moreover, the more active your page is, the better chance it would be to fare better in SEO. Search engines can easily find their way to pages that are frequently shared by people.


For a more efficient page management, it is ideal to take advantage of the scheduled post feature. This means you can write type, edit or upload any photo in advance, and post it at a later date. It can be editable and can be cancelled as you like. This is recommended especially when targeting certain day parts.


Once you have established a group of followers and a strong fan base, you need to maintain a certain level of growth rate, just like in any other business. You need to constantly invite more people, and extend your reach as much as possible.

With over a billion users, Facebook is indeed an excellent ground to promote and extend your network. By keeping in mind the steps to S.U.C.C.E.S.S., you can easily win over your competitors, increase your site traffic and more importantly, translate every click into sales.

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