Why is GDI so Amazing?

Why is there so much buzz going on lately about GDI?  Or more commonly known as Global Domains International.   Because they are growing like crazy that’s why.  If they were a public traded company you can bet your bottom dollar that the price of the stock would compare to what Google is going for. 

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What’s the reason it would be so high?  To start off with they are a Fortune 500 company.  They are debt free.  They are members for the Better Business Bureau and also the Direct Selling Association.  They’ve been online since 1999 using the unique .ws domain name.  

Think all the domain names are gone?
Think again.  Most of the huge Fortune 500 companies have a .ws domain.  You can too when you give GDI a try totally free for 7 days

Take a look at the number of websites coming on the Internet everyday.  People paying thousands of dollars to have someone build their website, provide a webhost, maybe an autoresponder, and other bells and whistles.  Then on top of that they are spending big dollars monthly to have that person monitor the website hoping to get traffic to it. 

There are literally thousands of small businesses that want to have a web presence, but don’t have the first clue where to begin.  What if by chance you could introduce them to GDI, show them how easy it is to set up their own website and have them start driving traffic so they gain new customers. 

A small business will typically spends hundreds of dollars a month on advertising and perhaps gain one or two new customers.  With a website and contact capture information, their new customer base can grow for them 24/7 even while they sleep. 

Isn’t it time you start getting in on this type of action?  Go HERE to start your 7 day free trial and start promoting your own .ws websites to the small businesses.  Then in turn these small businesses can promote their .ws business and help you build your GDI empire. 

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